12 Fun Things to do in Melbourne

 Melbourne is also called the cultural capital of Australia. More than 4 million people live in the city, but you do not notice anything when you’re in Melbourne. This is because the atmosphere of the city in Victoria is so relaxed that you do not have the idea of being in a busy metropolis. It is a green city with many cultural highlights and special rooftop bars, where you can drink the best coffee in the country.

Melbourne is the second city in the country, behind Sydney. When it comes to winning big Sydney wins, but it is Melbourne that is known as one of the world’s most ‘livable cities’. The breathtaking surroundings and the beautiful sights in the city combined with the charm and vibrant culture make it one of the most beautiful cities in Australia.

Melbourne does not have the famous sights such as the Opera House or the Harbor Bridge, but that makes the city more than good with the charm, lively culture and great nightlife. Being a big fan of art, you can have fun in Melbourne. Think of the Victorian streets, the neoclassical buildings and the Gothic churches in the city, but also the modern part of the city.

# 1 Visit the Fitzroy district

Also, a must to visit is the trendy district of Fitzroy, not to be confused with the famous mountain in Patagonia. This is the best street in Melbourne, Brunswick Street. In Brunswick Street, you will find many lovely boutiques with second-hand clothing, but also luxury shops with design items, cosy restaurants and coffee shops. In the evening you go to St. Kilda, where you can spot penguins around the pier of the beach.

# 2 Go to the Royal Botanic Garden

botonical garden of melbourneThe Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne is one of the most beautiful and famous parks in the city. In the botanical park, you will find beautiful lakes, but also large lawns and thousands of different types of omen and shrubs.

Near the park is the National Herbarium of Victoria, where you can view no less than 1.2 million dried plants. There is also a 3.8-kilometre long hiking trail known as ‘The Tan’ and running through the garden. It is the ideal place to fly the busy streets of Melbourne.

# 3 Discover the art capital

Melbourne is also called the arts and culture capital of Australia, and this is not for nothing. In the city, you come across almost every street and in nearly every alley beautiful street art, which with graffiti on the first so boring brick walls is applied. Especially the murals of Hosier Lane are recommended to take a look at. These paintings change almost every day and always respond to the political and cultural developments of that moment. You will also find the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, where you can admire exceptional Aboriginal art and modern Australian art. The city is the ideal place for lovers of art and culture, but also lovers of greenery and nature.

# 4 Chinatown

Gold was discovered in Melbourne in the middle of the nineteenth century, and for this reason, the population of the city increased considerably. Because of the Gold Rush, many Chinese came to the city, who founded Chinatown in 1851. This district still exists and is now one of the oldest Chinese neighbourhoods in the world

# 5 Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station is one of the most famous sights in Melbourne. This street, with the iconic station, is a must-see in Melbourne. In the nineteenth century, the city fell into disrepair, but in the thirties (twentieth century) the city began to recover. Flinders Street Station became the busiest station in the world and in 1940 the city even had the largest tram network of its time. There were more skyscrapers, more and more migrants came to the city, and Melbourne became a multicultural city.

# 6 Go to the State Library of Victoria

The State Library of Victoria is an impressive library. It is a gigantic building with a dome-shaped reading room where natural light enters through the domed roofs. This is also called the La Trobe Room, and it is a popular place to read a book. More than two million books are in the collection, and if you are through it, you can also browse through thousands of newspapers, manuscripts, audio, video and digital material.

# 7 Visit one of the many festivals

If something is possible in Melbourne, it is to visit one of the many festivals that are held here throughout the year. They are mostly free festivals. So in March, you have the Moomba Festival, the biggest free festival in Australia, with fireworks, a parade and carnival.

# 8 Shopping at the Queen Victoria

Market Queen Victoria Market is an indispensable highlight of Melbourne. The building in which the market is held is not that special, but the market is extra nice. As soon as you walk through the historic barns of Queen Victoria Market, you will find fresh produce, souvenirs, furnishings and much more.

# 9 Drink the best coffee in the world

Although the best coffee often comes from South or Central America (think of countries like Colombia or Costa Rica), you will find the best coffee in the world in Melbourne. Although that, of course, depends on the jury and your taste. Melbourne beat many of the world’s most renowned coffee cities, such as Rome and Vienna, for the title, so a cup of coffee in this city is a must. The city also positions itself as the coffee city.

# 10 Check the street art

street art in melbourneMelbourne is identified for its street art and is considered one of the best cities in the world to see street art. Cities like Medellin in Colombia or Rio in Brazil are also great destinations. The municipality has designated certain areas where street artists may apply street art. A great idea if you ask us as the street art gives the streets a much nicer look.

Also, street art is a prime option for beginning artists to gain experience in the artistic side of graffiti. You also have a street art tour, run by artists. They not only take you to the most beautiful works. They also stock a lot about the artwork and the artist.

# 11 Go for a day at the Dandenong Ranges

The Dandenong Ranges is a beautiful mountain area on the outskirts of Melbourne. It is a perfect place for walkers, cyclists and nature lovers and popular with people. It is mainly locals who come here to relax or exercise. The beautiful landscape makes it a popular destination among tourists who stay in Melbourne for a longer time. You will find many charming towns in the area and also some nice accommodations if you want to stay there for several days.

# 12 Visit the National Gallery of Victoria

National Gallery of Victoria is one of the best museums in the country, also often called NGV. It is housed in a huge bunker-like building and houses an extensive collection with not the least artists. For example, here you will find a self-portrait by Rembrandt. It is also the home of Picasso’s Weeping Woman, who was the victim of an art raid in 1986.

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