Camping Trip

3 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Camping Trip

Many people are now moving towards camping as an alternative to spending an expensive vacation at some other destination. Summer camp or camping is all about fun and relaxation, here are a few do’s and don’ts which will ensure that you have fun this summer vacation.

3 Camping Do’s

1. Have Fun – The first essential Do of camping is to have as much fun as possible with your friends and family. Remember to capture these fun times with your family and friends so that you can cherish these memories in the future.

2. Plan Your Meals and Snacks Before Time – Well, when going on camping you need to plan your meal schedule, as you will be facing a lot of hungry campers, so its best you plan your meal schedules for every day and pack your food items accordingly. It’s also best if you pack extra canned food and some peanut butter in case someone is hungry in the middle of the night.

3. Have A Checklist – When you are packing a night before leaving for camp, use an agenda this will help you ensure that you are bringing all the necessary things with you. You wouldn’t want to find out in the wild that you are missing the sleeping bags, pillows or warm clothes.

3 Camping Don’ts

1. Remember To Bring The Mosquito Repellent – Don’t forget to pack bug spray as you won’t want your camping experience to get ruined by bug bites.

2. Never Leave The Campfire Burning – It’s extremely essential that you extinguish your campfire before you got to bed.

3. Don’t Mess – It’s essential that you clean your mess and don’t litter the natural environment. Pack some trash bags with you throw stale food, cans, bottles, paper plates and other garbage in there and don’t throw it in the forest or lakeside.

So now that you know the important do’s and don’ts of camping remember them and make your camp trip fun and adventurous. Happy Camping!

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