Adam Sandler: ‘Better win the Spirit Award than an Oscar.’

Adam Sandler (53) was rewarded on Saturday with an Independent Spirit Award for best actor. The comedian, who received the figurine for his lead role in Uncut Gems, was happy with it and even joked in his speech that it’s better to win that prize than a prestigious Oscar.

The Independent Spirit Awards, for independent films that cost less than 20 million, were traditionally awarded the day before the Oscars in a party tent on Santa Monica beach.

It was nice for Adam to win an award after he was “ignored” at the Oscars again this year. Something that reminded the actor of his time in high school, when in the yearbook he was not chosen by his schoolmates as the most handsome boy.

“That honour went to an acorn-wearing acorn with layers in his hair called Skipper Jenkins,” the actor looked back in his speech. “But my classmates did honour me with the so-called less prestigious title of best personality.”

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