Asylum Seekers Are Detained For At Most 48 Hours In Reception Centres

Asylum Seekers are Detained for at most 48 hours in Reception Centres on the German border. In the so-called transit centres that the German sister parties CDU and CSU want to decorate at the border with Austria, asylum seekers are detained for a maximum of 48 hours.


That stated Chancellor Angela Merkel in an interview with the German channel ARD.
At the beginning of this week, the parties approached an agreement on closed transit centres on German territory.

According to that agreement, people will be detained there who have no chance of asylum. This concerns, for example, refugees who are already registered in another EU country.

Merkel explained that an attempt is made within 48 hours to decide on the fate of the people in the centres.

If it becomes clear within that time which country is responsible for the asylum application, the CDU and CSU want to send the migrant to that country.

According to the so-called Dublin Regulation, an asylum seeker must apply for asylum in the country where he or she enters the European Union.

“If it is not possible to decide within two days, should transfer refugees to an ordinary shelter with their places for women and children,” Merkel said.

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