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Asylum seekers from Mexico are allowed to re-enter

The US government has ended the Trump administration’s ban on Mexican migrants from entering the country. Immigration reform is also to be implemented.
Asylum seekers from Mexico are allowed to re-enter the USA. The White House announced that the first applicants would come to the country for their court hearing and stay until their trial is complete. The US government headed by President Joe Biden is thus ending the program called Remain in Mexico, introduced by his predecessor Donald Trump to prevent immigration.

So far, asylum seekers in Mexico have had to wait for a decision on their applications, which sometimes means that they have stayed in tent camps south of the border for years. However, the new US administration warned migrants not to come to the border crossings on their own. You first have to register online, and you will then be informed about the time and place of your possible border crossing. About 25,000 asylum seekers are currently still affected by Trump’s previous policy, according to the US Department of Homeland Security.

According to the authorities, only the border post in San Diego, California, will initially be opened, which should initially limit the number of arriving asylum seekers. At the beginning of the coming week and the end, one or two more border crossings will be opened in Texas.

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