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British diplomats feel outlaw after the departure of an ambassador to the US

Departure of diplomat Kim Darroch The British ambassador to the US leaves after leaking a confidential telegram in which he criticized President Trump. According to diplomats a conscious action by Brexiteers to get their own husband in Washington.

The action was initiated by a pro-Brexit journalist. The American president Donald Trump, who has repeatedly expressed his aversion to technocrats, acted as a battering ram. The man who is likely to be British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in two weeks’ time served as a bouncer who left the front door wide open. For example, the populists occupied the British embassy in Washington and worked out the main occupant.

That is the tendency of the reactions of British former diplomats and politicians to the message that Kim Darroch is resigning his position as their husband in DC. Darroch departs because confidential diplomatic telegrams, in which he analyzed Trump’s policy and leadership style unquestionably, ended up in The Mail on Sunday, a scoop of Isabel Oakeshott, a journalist who befriended first-time Brexit Nigel Farage and his lender Arron Banks.

Trump reacted furiously to the reports this week and announced no more business with Darroch, a low point in British-American relations. “This situation makes it impossible for me to perform my duties,” Darroch wrote in a statement.

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