British House of Commons votes for questionable Brexit law

Prime Minister Johnson’s controversial bill jeopardizes, among other things, agreements with the EU about the border with Northern Ireland. The House of Lords has yet to pronounce on the bill.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a step further with the bill that jeopardizes a number of agreements about Brexit with the EU. In total, 340 members of the lower house voted for and 256 against. The law still has to go to the House of Lords before it is finally passed. The law will probably meet with more resistance because Johnson does not have a majority.

The so-called United Kingdom Internal Market Bill must regulate that all countries within the United Kingdom have the same trade rules after Brexit. Trade between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is worth more than 90 billion pounds annually. But the proposal also puts an end to agreements with the European Union about the Irish border, such as controls on trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Such agreements in last year’s Brexit deal, signed by Johnson himself. According to critics, Johnson is using the law as leverage in Brexit negotiations with the EU. According to the European Commission, the proposal violates international law. Minister Brandon Lewis, on the Northern Ireland issue, spoke of violations in “specific and limited ways.”

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