“Center Point Messi” guides Barcelona past Huesca and puts pressure on Atletico.

Ronald Koeman took full advantage of Atletico Madrid’s misstep last Saturday at Elche with Barcelona. Barça won 3-1 at home against Huesca and is now only four points behind La Liga’s leader.

The Monday night game at Camp Nou was all about the record of Lionel Messi. The captain played his 767th official game for Barcelona against Huesca and was thus level with Xavi. This weekend during the visit to Real Sociedad, Messi can only become the record holder.

Messi gave his performance colour with a fantastic opening goal. After fifteen minutes, the Argentinian turned away from Jorge Pulido and the ball curled in beautifully through the bottom of the crossbar. Twenty minutes later, Antoine Griezmann showed that he did not want to be inferior to his teammate. The Frenchman was played in the ashes, dribbled up and also lashed out devastatingly.

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