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Daniel Radcliffe no longer so close with Harry Potter friends

Together with Rupert Grint (31) and Emma Watson (30), Daniel Radcliffe (30) broke through as an actor in ‘Harry Potter’. After the magician apprentice film series came to an end, everyone went their separate ways and the contact watered down a bit. But on Tuesday, “Harry” tells in the British “Today Show” that he still occasionally texts his Potter friends.

“Sure, but we’re not as close as we once were,” Daniel replies, asking if he ever speaks to Rupert (Ron Weasley) and Emma (Hermione Granger). “I recently rapped Rupert because he had just become a father.”

The red-haired actor was the first of the three protagonists to have a baby in May, something Daniel still has to get used to. “It is still insane to realize that we now have children. I am sure it makes the rest of the world feel very old,” he laughs.

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