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Doctor rejects speculation about strokes by Donald Trump

Why was the US president unplanned in hospital last November? Rumours speculate about mini-strokes. His doctor says: There was no emergency.
The White House has rejected speculation about the state of health of US President Donald Trump. In a message from the President’s Office, Sean Conley, the President’s personal physician, is quoted as saying that Trump had not had a stroke or acute cardiovascular disorder and was not examined for it. The 74-year-old President is still fit enough for his office, it said.

Speculation about the state of health of the President began after an unannounced investigation by Trump at Walter Reed’s military hospital last November. The White House had rejected speculation about possible health problems for the President. Presidential Doctor Conley called the hospital stay “planned” and “routine”. Trump only did part of his annual health check-up.

Now, Michael S. Schmidt, a reporter for the New York Times, reports in his new book Donald Trump v. The United States, then Vice President Mike Pence was alerted. He should be ready to temporarily take over the President’s duties should Trump require an anaesthetic during his hospital visit. Schmidt writes that in the end, this was not necessary and the reason for the visit remained a mystery. Schmidt did not provide anything about the source of information.

The reports on Schmidt’s statements gave rise to rumours in the social networks of alleged mini-strokes of the President. Presidential doctor Conley has now emphasized that Trump has not suffered a stroke, not a mini-stroke – in medical terminology, a transient ischemic attack – or any other “acute cardiovascular emergency”.

Trump himself described the rumours on Twitter as fake news. “It never stops. Now they are trying to say that President, I, went to Walter Reed Medical Center for a series of mini-strokes,” he wrote. But that is wrong. Trump added that during the “brief visit” he completed his annual health check-up. In November, however, he said he had started the first phase of his annual check-up at the hospital, visiting the family of a young man who had undergone an operation.

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