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Donald Trump is now up for election on November 3

The US president has considered postponing voting. Joe Biden accuses Trump of trying to stir up division and chaos with his strategy.
US President Donald Trump now wants to stick to the planned election date. Previously, there was massive criticism of his decision to postpone the presidential election – which was due to take place on November 3. Republicans also reject this.

“I want an election and an outcome much, much more than you,” the President said to journalists at the White House in Washington. He didn’t want a shift. He warned that the US could become “the ridicule of the whole world”.

Trump previously said on Twitter that extensive postal ballots would make “2020 the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history”. He, therefore, suggested that it might be better to delay voting “until people could vote correctly and safely”.

The move had not only been met with opposition Democrats but also with Trump’s Republicans. Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell recalled that November 3 was “set in stone.” Senator and Trump confidante Lindsey Graham also considered a possible postponement of the election, not a good idea.

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