Employee Kanye West: ‘We knew he was cheating on Kim.’

There have been rumours that Kanye West (44) cheated on his ex Kim Kardashian (40). It’s starting to look like these rumours are true now that an employee has told the British newspaper ‘The Sun’.
The cheating on Kim is said to have started after the birth of their son Saint West in 2015.

However, Kanye was anything but secretive about it, his employees say. “It was no secret to the members of his entourage. He even said that he slept with several fans. The details he gave were amazing,” explains the insider.

Employees have seen for some time that the rapper was not doing well. “Not much later, he started babbling like crazy were some of his employees tried to calm him down. It was heartbreaking to watch because he needed help,” the insider continues.

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