President David Sassoli

EU Parliament President does not want to overwhelm citizens with climate protection

The EU should be climate neutral by 2050. For the population to support this, burdens would have to be distributed in a socially just manner, said Parliament President David Sassoli.

EU Parliament President David Sassoli has warned against overwhelming citizens with climate protection. This would be “as fatal as doing nothing,” Sassoli told the newspapers of the Funke media group. Climate protection that leaves people in the regions dependent on coal, for example, “enormous social explosives” and will not be really successful.

The achievement of the alleged Green Deal for the EU will likewise rely upon the way that it is conceivable to “make the change to atmosphere lack of bias reasonable”, underlined the Italian. He welcomed the fact that the EU Commission is planning “a fund for a just transition” in climate protection. Now the budget for this should also be made available.

The new EU Commission’s Green Deal under President Ursula von der Leyen provides that the European Union will become climate neutral by 2050. This means that from then on the remaining emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases will be completely compensated. For this purpose, a profound restructuring of the EU economies is planned in all areas, for which billions of euros in investments are necessary every year.

Sassoli said the European Green Deal would only succeed if the goal of climate neutrality is seen as an opportunity – “for innovation and growth, new jobs, a healthier life”. The EU must show other countries that “the European way not only leads to more climate protection but also brings many other advantages, for example, in terms of innovation or energy independence”. China, for example, is watching the developments in climate protection in the EU “very interested”.

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