Facebook Does Not Comply With New Social Media Law in Turkey

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Facebook has decided not to comply with the new law in Turkey that requires social media companies to have an official representative in the country.


This decision could cause President Erdogan to block the platform in Turkey.

The law went into effect last week and has been widely criticized internationally. In addition to providing an official representative, social media companies with more than one million daily users must also delete posts disapproved by the Turkish government.

In addition, the companies must store the data of their Turkish users in Turkey itself.

Facebook’s decision not to abide by the new law has been praised by human rights activists who describe the law as ‘draconian’. They say it is an attempt by President Erdogan to curtail freedom of speech, The Financial Times reports.

Failure to comply with the law includes penalties such as fines and a bandwidth reduction of up to 90 percent. This would make the Facebook website work so slowly that the 83 million inhabitants of Turkey can practically no longer use the platform.

Twitter and other major social media platforms have not yet taken a position on the new law.

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