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Former corona task force member criticizes Trump.

A former White House employee involved in the US administration’s corona attack has sharply criticized President Donald Trump. According to Olivia Troye, who was an adviser to Vice President Mike Pence and a member of the coronavirus task force he chairs, Trump knew back in February that the lung virus would cause a major outbreak in the United States.

“The president did not want to hear that because his main concern was that we are in an election year,” said Troye in a video distributed by Republican Voters Against Trump, an initiative by Republican voters who want to prevent Trump from winning a second term. Troye herself was active in the White House for two years until she resigned in August.

“The president’s rhetoric and his attacks on people in his administration who are trying to do the work, as well as the proclamation of false stories and misinformation about the virus have made this approach a failure,” said Troye, who in her message called on people to vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

A White House spokesman contradicted Troye’s criticism on Thursday. “Her claims are unfounded and downright inaccurate,” said Judd Deere, who added that Troye would not have had a significant role in the corona task force coordinating the government’s approach to the lung virus. Vice President Pence also dismissed the criticism. In response, he described Troye on Thursday as “a disgruntled former employee” who plays political games in an election year.

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