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From the past month, China has been vaccinating vital professions

China has been vaccinating people with vital professions against the coronavirus for more than a month, including healthcare providers and customs officers. The head of the National Health Commission, Zheng Zhongwei, said in a television interview, the South China Morning Post reports.
She did not say which vaccine is used. According to the World Health Organization, a total of 170 different coronavirus vaccines are in development, but none have been approved yet.

China has chosen to vaccinate the people most likely to be infected. First, Zheng said. “Most infections in China now come from abroad, so the customs officers are at high risk.”

The vaccination program should later be broadened to include people working in the transport sector and in markets where live animals are sold for consumption, in order to achieve herd immunity.

The head of the health committee did not say how many people have now had a vaccination but did say that the program will be expanded before the fall and winter start when another wave of contamination could arise.

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