Harry Agreed to Interview With Oprah Within 24 Hours of Losing His Military Titles

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According to the British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Harry and Meghan agreed to interview Oprah Winfrey after Harry lost his military titles.


Until now, it was thought that he was taking revenge on the British royal family because Prince Charles had said Archie would not become a prince if Harry withdrew. But according to The Sun, Harry was even more disappointed to learn that he would lose the military honours he was very proud of.

Less than 24 hours later, the contract for the interview with Oprah Winfrey was signed. The interview followed a few days later.

On July 1, Harry must face his brother William again. Then together, they unveil the statue to their mother, Diana, at Kensington Palace. Harry must be back in the UK at least five days before the unveiling and take a negative corona test. Even though the brothers have called a truce out of respect for their mother, the palace braces for a tense atmosphere.

There are currently no plans for Harry to meet his father while he is in the UK.

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