Israeli Army is Investigating Dead Young Palestinian Nurse

Israeli Army is Investigating Dead Young Palestinian Nurse

The Israeli Army is Investigating Dead Young Palestinian Nurse. The Israeli army command opened an investigation into the death of Razan al-Najar (21), a Palestinian nurse who was shot dead Friday by Israeli soldiers in protests in the Gaza Strip.


The Israeli military states that Palestinian militants attacked Israeli soldiers on Friday with guns and grenades at the time that the volunteer nurse Razan al-Najar was killed east of the city of Khan Younis in southern Gaza. In a statement, the army command reported Saturday that the death of al-Najar is being investigated.

According to Palestinian emergency services and local witnesses, the 21-year-old al-Najar was killed while heading towards the border fence with Israel to help a wounded person.

Thousands of Gazans attended the funeral of the young woman on Saturday. Among them also wounded who were helped by al-Najar in previous protests on the border with Israel. The nurse’s body was wrapped in a Palestinian flag and thus carried through the streets.

In the protests that have been taking place every week in Gaza since 30 March, more than 100 Palestinians have already been killed by the Israeli army, thousands of others have been injured. According to the Palestinians, most of the victims were unarmed civilians and excessive violence, Israel maintains that many members of Hamas and other militants were also targeted. The international community condemned Israel’s intervention.

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