Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Joe Biden commemorates the around 400,000 corona deaths in the USA.

The evening before his inauguration, the future president calls the country to unity. As a first official act, he wants to initiate further corona aid.
Before his inauguration, US President-elect Joe Biden attended a memorial service for coronavirus pandemic victims. There he said that Americans should remember the dead. That is sometimes difficult, but the way to healing. His future deputy, Kamala Harris, also appealed to the nation’s unity: For most of the pandemic, US citizens would have mourned alone, but today we mourn together and begin to heal together.

The handover of Donald Trump to Joe Biden will not be pompous. Instead of celebrating a peaceful transfer of power, there have recently been acts of violence in the Capitol. The outgoing President Donald Trump has not publicly admitted his defeat. And the US continues to be concerned about the corona pandemic. On Tuesday, the United States had registered more than 400,000 corona deaths since the pandemic began.

The memorial service in her honour took place by the pond of the Lincoln Memorial, which was lit with 400 lights. The number should commemorate the 400,000 Americans who have already died related to the coronavirus. When he left in Delaware, Biden had said to followers: “These are dark times. But there is always light.”

Biden has made containing the pandemic one of the top priorities of his future government. As one of the first acts in office, Biden wants to initiate economic and social aid to fight against the pandemic. Among other things, he plans to relax the repayment of student loans and stricter requirements for evictions. Internationally, it should be of importance if it announces the USA’s return to the Paris climate protection agreement or lifts the entry ban for visitors from some predominantly Muslim countries.

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