Kim Kardashian completely brainwashed by Kanye.

According to Larsa Pippen (46), the ex-wife of former Chicago Bull basketball player Scottie Pippen, the breakup between her and Kim Kardashian (40) is due to Kanye West (43). According to Larsa, he would have brainwashed Kim and the rest of her family entirely.

Larsa and Kim were good friends for years and shared everything with each other until Kanye threw a spanner in the works. “Kanye was very suspicious of people, especially people around Kim. I felt it was better to take some distance because I do not want to be a disruptor in their marriage. I have enough on my own. But Kanye has convinced all that family that all evil is on my part,” said Pippen.

Originally, Larsa and Kanye had a good rapport, and he often called her to vent. A little too much, for Larsa’s liking. She blocked Kanye’s phone number, which made him furious. “If Kim and Kanye think they’d be better off without me, that’s fine. It’s their marriage, and if it helps them not to see or hear me again, that’s fine.”

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