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Kirsten Gillibrand wants to become president

More and more Democrats are putting themselves for the presidential election next year. Now US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced her application.

Democratic US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand plans to face Donald Trump next year and become President of the United States. In the television show of celebrity presenter Stephen Colbert, the 52-year-old from New York announced that she had set up an application committee. “It’s an urgent first step, and it’s one I’ll take because I’m running for office,” Gillibrand said.

In the event of a victory, she would be looking at better health care for families, better public schools, and better access to education, Gillibrand said on the show. “I will run because as a young mother I want to fight as hard for the children of others as I do for my own.”

The election will get the place in November 2020, with primaries beginning in February of the same year. Some politicians have already published their candidacy for the presidential election among the opponent Democrats. So far, Congressman Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii), former Labor Minister Julian Castro and Senator Elizabeth Warren have officially announced their candidacy. Warren, like Gillibrand, first set up an application committee.

In surveys are at the Democrats currently continue to be the former Vice President Joe Biden and 2016, just under Hillary Clinton inferior Senator Bernie Sanders front. Whether one of the two will run is still unclear. Gillibrand took over the Senate seat of Hillary Clinton for the state of New York in 2009 when she became Foreign Secretary.

In 2018 she had been re-elected. During the election campaign for the Senate, she had promised that she would finish her six-year term in case of re-election.

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