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Lady Gaga Often Underwent from Cross-border Behaviour in Her Early Career

 Lady Gaga regularly underwent from cross-border behaviour by men in her surroundings at the start of her music career. The singer previously reported that she was assaulted as a nineteen-year-old, but according to Lady Gaga, this was not the only time she had to deal with undesirable behaviour.

“When I first took my first steps in the music world around the age of nineteen, it was the rule rather than the exception that you were sexually harassed in the recording studio”.

According to Lady Gaga, this was the ordinary course of affairs at that time. “It was just like that”, says the singer. But after being assaulted by a music producer at the age of nineteen, the singer did ring the bell. “I told other people, even if I wanted to have opened my mouth earlier.”

The biggest problem surrounding #metoo is that the singer thinks that men keep each other’s hand above their heads. “Nobody wants to lose their power, so instead of protecting you, they’d rather shut their mouths.”

Lady Gaga hopes that, due to the increasing focus on inequality between men and women, all issues that women face are eventually coming together.

“So it is not only the one time about equal salaries, and the other time about sexual violence, I hope that the # metoo-movement picks up all at once and denounces it”, says the singer.

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