MPs call for Rapid Plan B by Theresa May

If Parliament rejects the Brexit Treaty, the Prime Minister must present an alternative within three days. That further reduces Mays travel.

A few days back the critical vote on the EU exit agreement by Prime Minister Theresa May, the members of parliament in the British Parliament have altered the conditions.

At the start of the five-day debate, parliamentarians voted 308 to 297 to decide that the government must submit Plan B within three days of the meeting should Mays Brexit’s treaty be rejected next Tuesday.

The Brexit Act provides for 21 days. May could not play for time to bring their agreement through the lower house. On the other hand, Parliament could influence the next steps. In the morning, May had suffered a setback: MEPs insisted that the government explicitly require Parliament’s approval to leave the EU without a deal (“no-deal Brexit”) before resorting to certain powers in the tax code can.

The head of government had initially postponed the vote on the Brussels-negotiated Brexit agreement in December, because of a clear defeat. It will now take place next Tuesday, January 15. However, it is still unlikely that the Brexit deal will find a majority.

United Kingdom to leave EU on 29 March 2019. If no agreement has been reached with Brussels until then, the country is threatened with a chaotic Brexit that will have serious consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.

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