New Catalan Leader wants a Conversation with Spanish Prime Minister

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New Catalan Leader wants a Conversation with Spanish Prime Minister. The new regional government in Catalonia took the oath in Barcelona on Saturday. Prime Minister Quim Torra called after the swearing-in to consult with the new Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who also made the oath on Saturday.


“Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, let’s talk, let’s tackle the problem, let’s take risks, you and me,” says Torra. He emphasised that an independent state remains the goal.

The new Catalan government does not count ministers who are in detention or exile, which was a necessary condition for Madrid to lift the guardianship of Catalonia.

The composition of the new Catalan government team was published Friday in the Catalan version of the national newspaper. This publication can only take place when the government in Madrid agrees. Catalonia was placed under guardianship last fall after it had tried to separate itself from Spain.

The Social Democrat Sánchez was sworn in by King Felipe VI on Saturday as the new Prime Minister of Spain. He is the seventh Prime Minister of Spain since the end of the Franco dictatorship in 1975 and the first without a parliamentary election.

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