Rutte wants the EU to clarify Irish border issue in Brexit Agreement

 The EU must explain the plans across the border between British Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after the British has stepped out of the EU. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said this Thursday, at the start of the EU summit in Brussels.

According to the Prime Minister, there is ” a range of options ” to convince the British Parliament about the Brexit agreement.

“But we will not break the negotiations about the agreement.” May is looking for guarantees from other EU leaders about the so-called ‘backstop’, a kind of assurance policy that never comes across a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, with fences and customs controls.

Northern Ireland will remain within the customs union with the EU, as long as there is no new trade agreement between London and Brussels. Many Britons and Northern Irish fear that this status will become permanent.

Not only the entire British political opposition is against the deal – also a substantial part of Mays own Conservative Party does not see anything. As matters stand, May has little chance to guide the agreements through the House of Commons.


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