Seven Foods That You Should Not Eat In The Evening

 Some foods can cause digestive problems at night and prevent you from falling asleep. If you still want to keep eating them, use them at a different time of the day.

Today we want to talk about seven foods that you should not eat in the evening.

By eating the wrong foods in the evening, we prevent our bodies from doing what they have to do at night. It causes changes in the activity of certain hormones, with the result that we are more at risk of sleep disorders and digestive problems.

The foods you eat at the evening meal play an essential role when it comes to the quality of your night’s sleep and the physical and mental energy your body will have over the next day.

However, many people make the wrong choices when it comes to the food they eat during this meal. The result is overloading their bodies.

It is therefore extremely important to learn which foods you better not eat in the evening and to find light, healthy alternatives to supper to replace them.

Foods that you do not have to eat in the evening

1. Red meat

Red meat is full of protein and fat which makes your digestive system work harder.Although you can consume it in moderation, it is best to avoid red meat in the evening to prevent interruptions in your sleep.


  • Eat modest portions of red meat, preferably at lunch.
  • Try to find good quality meat and avoid eating meat with a lot of fat.

2. Broccoli

This green vegetable contains few calories and is packed with essential nutrients that keep your body healthy and in shape.

However, it is not advisable to eat broccoli in the evening, because the sulfur and fibres in it are more difficult to digest.

They can increase the production of gases in your intestines and cause stomach problems at night.


  • Eat your broccoli at lunch instead.
  • Eat it raw or steamed for most benefits.

3. Cheese

Cheese is also on our list of foods that you should not eat in the evening, because of the effects it causes in your body.

Cheese contains an amino acid known as tyramine, which is absorbed by your body and reduces the production of hormones that regulate sleep.

The food can also cause a mild inflammatory reaction that can lead to digestive complaints or headaches.


  • Avoid consuming cheese (in any form) with dinner.
  • Instead of cheese for milk or yoghurt, choose these dairy products to contain tryptophan and help you fall asleep.

4. Sausages and meat products

Try to limit your consumption of processed meats at all times, because they include a lot of fat and additives that are harmful if they are eaten too much.

Do not eat these foods in the evening, because they are bad for your digestive system and can cause problems like acid reflux.


  • If you want to eat sausage and meat products, do it at breakfast or lunch. Eat them only occasionally, and along with healthy food such as wholemeal bread and vegetables.

5. Goodness

All sweets or sweets containing refined sugar can affect your sleep, mainly if you eat them just before bedtime.

They raise your blood sugar levels, and because they are not used as an energy source, they may delay your metabolism.

Also, the effect they have on your brain can exacerbate stress and cause nightmares.


  • Limit your daily consumption of sugar and avoid it completely at night.

6. Crisp sauces

They taste delicious and fit well with all kinds of food. But if you eat them in the evening, they can change the production of acids in your stomach and cause irritation and heartburn.

This, plus the fact that they often contain a lot of calories, is a reason to eat them in moderation, and at other times of the day.


  • Limit your consumption of sharp sauces. Try to make your sauces to reduce your consumption of additives.

7. Carbonated drinks

Over time, drinking carbonated drinks can affect your metabolism.

The problem gets even worse if you drink them in the evening because they raise your blood sugar and cause sleep problems.

The compounds they contain irritate your stomach and aggravate symptoms such as inflammation and acid reflux.


  • Replace carbonated drinks with water and tea. If you do drink them, do it occasionally and during the day.

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