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Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit against US election results.

Leading Republicans wanted to prevent Donald Trump from being voted out of office by filing a lawsuit in the Supreme Court. This attempt has now failed.
The US Supreme Court has dismissed Texas state’s lawsuit against the presidential election result. Texas had no legal justification for intervening in the elections of another state, the court said.

In the lawsuit, Republican attorney general for the state, Ken Paxton, accused the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin of illegally changing the electoral process in the midst of the pandemic. In particular, the authorities failed to prevent postal voting fraud. As a result, the weight of the legally cast votes was reduced. Texas demanded that the four states’ 62 electoral votes not be counted.

The incumbent President Donald Trump had high hopes for the complaint and said it was “very solid”. He petitioned the Supreme Court to be allowed to comment on the Texas-initiated proceedings. The complaint was supported by 106 Republican MPs and 18 attorneys-general. Trump has not yet conceded his appointive annihilation and has repeatedly spoken of electoral fraud without presenting any evidence.

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