Sylvie Meis thinks back to anxious times in her life

An emotional Sylvie Meis (41) returns to Instagram today to reflect on the most difficult battle she has ever experienced: breast cancer. Based on a snapshot of ten years ago, the blonde commemorates the intense period in her life.

The photos, taken during the DKMS LIFE Dreamball, mean a lot to Sylvie. At the time of the event, she was wearing a wig because of the chemotherapy she was undergoing. “That night I remember feeling so fragile but also inspired, especially when I met this incredible woman, Miriam Pielhau,” she adds to the post.
“Miri fought the same fight a year earlier and attended the same Dreamball in 2009, with short hair, radiant and full of life …” According to the presenter, that special night was the start of a beautiful friendship. She continues: “We both publicly went into the fight against breast cancer and chemotherapy, but whatever we shared was a huge joy for life.”

Unfortunately, Miriam was not as lucky as Syl, and her zest for life in 2016 came to an end. “I still miss you every day,” writes the 41-year-old emotionally in the photo of them together. “You are in our hearts forever, and I know that God has the most radiant angel there.”

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