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Take a look inside: Justin Bieber is putting his mansion up for sale at Insta

Baking flowers on the table or a cake; they are all tricks of people who want to sell their house. Justin Bieber (25) takes a different approach. He just puts his Beverly Hills home on Instagram.
Justin Bieber started with a few photos of his huge villa on Instagram. “Home vibes”, he always wrote with the photos.

Until he suddenly reported that he is thinking of selling the house. “Home vibes, but I think I want to sell it. Someone interested?” He asked his followers.

Then the plan became concrete. He posted even more photos of his house, but from all different angles. “I am selling it with all the furniture. Make an offer!” The furniture includes a large grey corner sofa and a hanging chair. Cats not included.

Whether he will continue his plans remains to be seen. We now get a glimpse into his home in Beverly Hills.

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