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The Summit between Kim and Trump Ends Without Agreement

The summit of US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Hanoi ended a few hours earlier than anticipated. The White House has announced that no agreement has been reached between the two leaders.

The White House statement states that Trump and Kim had “excellent and constructive encounters in Hanoi.” The two leaders discussed different ways to promote core disarmament and economy-driven concepts, but no agreement was reached yet, but their respective teams looking forward to future meetings.

” A lunch between the two leaders was cancelled.

It is remarkable to note that the meeting between Trump and Kim will not be concluded with a joint signing of a final statement. The American president is known as a great fan of such ceremonial display.

The shortening of the summit suggested that no agreement was reached. The prices on the South Korean stock exchange Kospi made a sharp dive when the news became known.

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