USA and Russia disarmament

The US and Russia have had no results in disarmament talks

The first meeting went “very positively”, the US says. The second round of negotiations had been agreed.
The first round of new disarmament talks between the United States and Russia has ended with no tangible results. However, US chief negotiator Marshall Billingslea described the negotiations in Vienna as “very positive”. There were “detailed discussions” on a whole series of atomic questions, Billingslea wrote in the evening on the short message service Twitter, without commenting on it.

The US special envoy further announced that a “basic agreement” had been reached with the Russian side to hold the second round of negotiations. The Russian Foreign Ministry also said at the end of the one-day discussion that the talks should continue.

The negotiations are about an extension of the New Start agreement to limit the number of nuclear warheads. The 2010 agreement expires in February. Russia and the United States committed to reducing the number of their nuclear warheads to a maximum of 1,550 – about 30 percent less than in the previous Sort contract in 2002.

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