donald trump

This case is bigger than Donald Trump.

Ex-President Trump is facing charges in the impeachment proceedings. The Democrats should also use the stage to hold the Republicans accountable.
The verdict is already inevitable before the first arguments have been exchanged. Donald Trump is also very likely to be acquitted in his second impeachment trial. The Democrats will not be able to present enough to force 17 Republican senators, who are needed for a majority, on their side. 17 that doesn’t sound like much, but it’s just out of reach in the polarized political world of Washington, D.C. It doesn’t matter how many pictures of the storming Capitol are cited these days as evidence of how close U.S. democracy was to collapse.

The Republican Party is still in conflict over its future after Donald Trump’s presidency. Hardly anyone will risk their career by subsequently plunging their own man into the abyss – even if many in the country believe that the 45th President of the United States belongs precisely there. On the other hand, many see the second impeachment as a “witch hunt” on their President.

The hearing that begins this Tuesday will be a spectacle. It is now. Trump’s lawyers argue that the trial is unconstitutional. Among other things, because her client is no longer President, according to a 75-page statement published on Monday. The charge was dismissed for a variety of reasons: “Taken together, they conclusively prove that the Democrats’ hunger for the political theatre is a danger to our democracy …”, wrote Trump’s lawyers.

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