Trump Attacks Top Google

President Trump has a new enemy: Google. After a former Google employee at Fox station reported that the search giant wanted to make sure that Trump would not be elected in 2016, Google was put on Twitter under his barrage. According to Trump, the tech giant would work unfairly and be followed very sharply.

Sandur Pichai, the world’s leading set of search engines, regularly came to the White House from 2016, the last visit dates from March, to assure Trump that Google was not engaging Chinese tech companies. He told Trump to support his cabinet, the president said.

But the Google employee Kevin Cernekee, who was fired in 2018, told a completely different story on Fox: Pichai and Google would do everything to help frustrate Trump’s election through the manipulation of the search engine Google.

Since Tuesday, Trump has sailed in a series of tweets against Pichai. He specifically focused on the 2020 presidential election: “Check out what @Google is up to the 2020 election!” Last year, he reported that social media are “super links” and are trying to influence the upcoming elections.

That ruling followed the hearing of members of Cambridge Analytica data company accused of abusing Facebook data to support Republican candidates and Trump himself in 2016

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