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Trump’s plans to withdraw troops from Germany is criticized by Republicans

The US president has to face criticism from his own ranks. Six MPs expressed “concern” about plans to withdraw thousands of soldiers from Germany.
After US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw thousands of soldiers from Germany, criticism grows from within. Six MPs from Trump’s Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee said in a letter to the President that they were “concerned” about the plans.

US troop presence in Germany is a “cornerstone of deterring NATO from Russian aggression,” the letter said, written by Republican leader Michael McCaul, among others, on the committee. Under Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, thousands of US soldiers were withdrawn from Germany in 2012. Two years later, Russia had invaded Ukraine and annexed the Crimean peninsula.

The MPs warn that the credibility of NATO’s deterrent capabilities should not be called into question, just as little as the US commitment to the collective security of the NATO countries. The US troop presence in Germany also serves US strategic interests beyond Europe. It enables operations in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia as well as in the fight against terrorism.

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