US Election Results: Biden's Lead is Growing in Georgia

US Election Results: Biden’s Lead is Growing in Georgia

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ends up as President Trump in the elections in the state of Georgia.


Biden took over from Trump in the southern state. He was then in favour of 917 votes, and that grew to 1097. The lead had increased to 1579 votes.

According to the authorities, 4169 votes still had to be counted.

Should Biden eventually write the state to his name, he will receive sixteen electoral votes. According to CNN counts, he would then reach a total of 269 electors.

Fox News states that Biden would already have 280 electors behind him and would have won the election. Fox has already named Biden the winner in Arizona, but not all broadcasters have.

In Arizona, Biden is in favour of 47,000 votes. In Nevada, with six electors, the Democrat leads with over 11,000 votes.

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