Boris Johnson and Jean Claude

Which Expert Still Gets Brexit-Boris at his Disposal

It is the first meeting of Boris Johnson (55) as British Prime Minister with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (64): A working lunch on Monday afternoon “on neutral ground” in Luxembourg.

Recently, the talks were actually in a dead-end: Brexit Boris calls for a renegotiation of the exit deal, the EU states are against. That’s why Brexit threatens without agreement.

Anyone who asked for the meeting did not want to tell Juncker’s spokeswoman on Friday. “It was a willingness from both sides to meet on Monday.” Asked if the meeting meant there was movement in the talks on how to leave the EU, the spokeswoman said, “I have nothing new about that to report.”
However, there are enough reasons for the meeting: Johnson still holds on October 31 as the Brexit date. But he wants to change the rejected several times by the British House of Representatives exit agreement, which in turn rejects the EU so far.

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